The Ultimate Dog Grooming Bundle

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Our dog grooming line uses nature to clean nature with formulations that are at least 95% derived from natural and plant-based ingredients and avoid harmful chemicals and alcohol. If you need a Dog Shampoo that does it all, look no further. Our shampoo is a 5-in-1 that cleans, detangles, conditions, moisturizes and deodorizes your pup. If you’re looking for how to fix bad doggy breath, or how to extend time between baths with our leave in conditioner for dogs, we got you— and our dog ear cleaner and our dog eye wipes are great for pets with even the most sensitive skin & coat making our products gentle, effective, and safe for all ages & breeds.  


16 oz bottle of Dog Shampoo

16 oz bottle of Doggy Mouthwash

8 oz bottle of Between Bath Spray (choice of Female or Male sent)

100 count jar of Ear Wipes

100 count jar of Eye Wipes 


Powdery florals with notes of sweet coconut and amber


Amber wood with notes of sandalwood, musk, and lavender