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Is it safer for my kids? For paws? For my vehicle? For my lawn? If it gets tracked into the house? For my carpets? For my life? Whoa, whoa, no need to have a meltdown; we will do that work for you! Not only does our Ice Melt do the job faster, safer and with a strong endorsement from Mother Nature herself, but what truly makes our Pet-Safe Ice Melt different is this: our proprietary organic technology, ProtectRx, reduces corrosion rates by up to 75% compared to regular ice melters, making it safer for your vehicles, equipment and other surfaces — and just to shake it up a bit, we added soil supporting compounds that are biodegradable to help keep your plants as green as our mission.

That’s what makes us better.
That’s what makes us Natural Rapport.

Customer Reviews

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Great product, fast service!

Best of both worlds - effective and safe product for my dog and my house. And amazing customer service. Really appreciate the support of this small business.

Ben K
Works well

I've used this quite a bit and it works well and fairly quickly. There is some blueish staining but that may fade with time, not sure yet. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because the packaging is very difficult to open. On one bucket, I had to drill holes in the top to get it to open. Otherwise it does what they say it does.

Maryann Kahn
Worry Free Winter

Only product that really works to get rid of the ice, keep my dog safe and doesn’t damage my floors….love it. Always buy in quantity just in case! Lastly, great customer service.

Janice Rosenblatt
Great ice melt

Really works and safe for animals. So glad I found it

Micaela deChaves

I received this in a timely manner. I haven't had to use it yet. I'm sure I will. Living in the Northeast of the US can be frigid. My entire street has at least one dog if not more. I have three indoor cats. Many outdoor/feral cats as well. Not to mentions the wildlife. It makes me feel better that I can put a product out that will not harm the animals.