The Only Between Bath Spray Dogs Need - Amber & Sandalwood

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Keeps your pup cuddle-friendly between trips to the tub — but it’s not just about fragrance; it’s about coat texture, shine, and the air- quality of your snuggle. Not only is this product a triple threat: deodorizing, moisturizing and conditioning, but what truly makes our Between Bath Spray different is this: it’s 95.5% derived from natural & plant based ingredients so you can spray (and overspray) guilt free knowing that it’s free from alcohol and harsh chemicals. The fresh fragrance is just an added bonus!

That’s what makes us better.
That’s what makes us Natural Rapport.


Amberwood with notes of sandalwood, musk, and lavender 


  1. Shake well before using.

  2. Lightly spray product onto dry coat.

  3. Gently comb, brush, or massage into your pet’s coat.



Water, plant-based surfactants derived from coconut and palm, emulsifier, fragrance, human-grade preservative.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Lindsay Ott
Love it!

Smells good! Easy to use!

Delena Catlin
Great product

I love the scent of this between bath spray. I also am happy that it has better ingredients.

Pedro M
Will be repurchasing

My dogs have never smelled better.

Adrianna Martinez
Love these !!!

Absolutely recommend. Fun gift idea, too.

Taylor Schmidt
No more stinky puppy!

My dogs are constantly getting into things in the yard and come in smelling like grass and mud. This has been great to use especially on my puppy who is a big hassle to bathe right now. Smells great and is very natural!