Our Partners

Muddy Paws Rescue

New York City, New York

“Muddy Paws Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that partners with open-intake shelters across the U.S to place homeless dogs into loving forever homes. Since its inception in 2016, we have saved over 4,000 lives. With a dedicated team of fosters, volunteers & animal welfare advocates, Muddy Paws Rescue strives to be New York City’s leader in responsible foster-based rescue practices.”

Natural Rapport partners with Muddy Paws Rescue by providing product donations for fundraising events and offering discounts to their family of dog fosters and new adopters.

Frozen Trident

Two Rivers, Alaska

“Jeff and Jeri moved to Alaska in the summer of 2017 with the hopes of starting a sled dog kennel over the next several years. Little did they know that once they set the ball in motion, their hopes would turn into a reality much more quickly than they had envisioned. Jeff and Jeri acquired their first sled dog pups in October of 2017 and have grown to 28 total dogs since then. The dogs are family to Jeff and Jeri. Each member of the pack gets individual attention, couch time, and a lot of love and affection. The dog’s health and safety are the number one concern and come before all else at the kennel. Healthy dogs are happy dogs.

Jeff and Jeri's goals at Frozen Trident are always evolving. When they started on their dog mushing journey, their primary goal was to compete in long distance mushing races. Over the past 2 winters, Jeff competed in several mid distance races including the Percy DeWolfe Memorial Mail Race (200 mi), Copper Basin 300, Two Rivers 200 and Two Rivers 100 in order to qualify for a 1,000 mile race. Additionally, in the 2020/2021 mushing season, Jeff hopes to compete in another 300 mile race. While a 1,000 mile race is still a goal of the kennel, Jeff and Jeri also like to explore other facets of dog mushing and share their experiences with other people who also love dogs and seek adventure.”

Natural Rapport is the Official Training Treat Sponsor for Frozen Trident Kennels. We provide nutritious, single ingredient treats to keep Jeff’s team of dogs fueled and motivated as they train towards their goal of completing a 1,000 mile race.

3 of 7 Project


“Born and raised in the mountains of northwest Georgia, Chadd & Blake Wright hunted, fished, laughed, learned, lived and fought together. Throughout childhood and into early adulthood an everlasting bond of brotherhood was forged that would later birth a project that would change the world. 3-of-7 project is the place where our passions, desires, and paths have merged, and we have combined our past experiences to create a project dedicated to assisting in your becoming the best version of yourself.”

Natural Rapport is a sponsor for the 3 of 7 Project’s podcast. As avid dog lovers who only feed their dogs the healthiest of foods, we are honored to be the only treats that Chadd & Brooke allow their dogs to eat.