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Is it safer for my kids? For paws? For my vehicle? For my lawn? If it gets tracked into the house? For my carpets? For my life? Whoa, whoa, no need to have a meltdown; we will do that work for you! Not only does our Ice Melt do the job faster, safer and with a strong endorsement from Mother Nature herself, but what truly makes our Pet-Safe Ice Melt different is this: our proprietary organic technology, ProtectRx, reduces corrosion rates by up to 75% compared to regular ice melters, making it safer for your vehicles, equipment and other surfaces — and just to shake it up a bit, we added soil supporting compounds that are biodegradable to help keep your plants as green as our mission.

That’s what makes us better.
That’s what makes us Natural Rapport.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Ibbotson
The best ice melt!

This ice melt worked so well, our drive and pathways were clear of very thick ice quickly. My dog and cat had no side effects from been near the ice melt. I ordered my latest supply, so I’m ready for next time.

Dale Delaney
Superb packing

The 3 gallon-size, clear-plastic bottles of Pet-Safe Ice Melt crystals were superbly packed, wrapped & buffered to eliminate any chance of the handles, twist-caps, and other vulnerable container parts being pierced or broken. I may have to wait until next winter before I can comment on the performance of the crystals on snow & ice.

Robert Lintner
Great Ice Melt

I have been using Pet Safe Ice Melt for years and find it very good. My daughter had a dog when she lived home and I have been using this ice melt to melt ice safely.

Kevin Moran
Good shaker top

Good for effective spreading

Best Eco Friendly Ice Melt

We recently purchased Pet Safe Ice Melt from Natural Rapport. The price for the unit was very good and the item was shipped quickly. This is the best ice melt to use when conscious of the environment and more importantly your animals. It works great and is not harmful. What more can you ask for!