Wellness Bundle for Dogs - Choice of 3 Soft Chew Supplements

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Every dog is different and our Wellness Bundle allows you to create the trifecta your pup needs to help keep them at their optimal level of health. 

What truly makes our soft chews different is this: Our cold-pressed process does not use any heat or water, which allows us to maintain the full integrity, viability and flavor profile of all the ingredients.

Bundle Includes:

Your choice of 3 soft chew supplements (120 count jars) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gordon Boyd
great product

I was having trouble giving my dog allergy pills these are so easy and she loves them been on them now for 240 days and no allergy problems.

Nicole H.
Me and my dog love these supplements!

I started buying my dog these because he was in need of a joint supplement. It has helped him so much! I went ahead and bought the 3pk bundle because it saved you money. These have better ingredients that I feel safe feeding my dog. Thank you natural rapport!

so far so good!

i ordered the calming, allergy, and hip and joint they gave me the skin and coat for free! i have 8 dogs one always has bad allergies she coughs really bad been giving her these for a while now no coughing! she also has bad anxiety when it storms it's that time of year in texas and it's mellowed her out! also the calming seems to work for a very hyper 9 month puppy! the hip and joint have been good so far will be rebuying soon!

Cassie Strauss
Love the Multi Vitamin!

We started giving the Multivitamin to our dog as we suspected she was lacking some vitamins. Her coat has never been shinier and silky soft! She is a boxer and also used to shed a lot, especially when petting her. Since we started the vitamins, she doesn't shed at all like she did. We can pet her and there's absolutely no hair that piles up. We LOVE these!

Audrey Lightsey
They can not wait to take this.....

I can see a huge difference with the scratching and biting......great products