The Only Eye Tear Stain Remover Dogs Need

The eyes have it: crust, staining, and build up! But don't you worry, we got them covered. Not only does our Eye Tear Stain Remover work & work well removing build up & stains caused by tears, saliva & mucus, but what truly makes our Eye Tear Stain Remover different is this: our formulation is gentle for even the most sensitive pet; and without any harsh chemicals in the mix, you can safely use liberally on your pet’s eyes, nose and mouth.

That’s what makes us better.
That’s what makes us Natural Rapport.


  1. This product prevents and lightens stains. If fur is already stained, trim and start with a clean slate.

  2. Shake well before using.

  3. Apply a generous amount of solution to a clean, dust-free towel or a cotton swab.

  4. Gently rub stained areas, moving away from the eyes. Avoid direct eye contact and abrasive rubbing.

  5. Use daily until all build-up of residue is removed. With continuous use fur will stay clean and stain-free!


Water, plant-based surfactants derived from coconut and palm, human-grade preservative.

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Cindy Horton
Unfortunately it didn't work

I used this product every morning and my puppy still has tear stains.

Merve silpagar
Best product

Love love love

Melanie Coronetz

This product has had no impact on my Malti-poo's tear stains even though I've used it daily for 2 weeks. Sorry, guys, but this just didn't do the trick

Mary Noland
Eye stain

Didn’t work for my fur baby

Janet Hoyt
Didn't work

Didn't help with the staining.