The Only Dehydrated Sweet Potato Bites Dogs Need

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You may say "po-tay-to" and we say "po-tah-to", but what we can all agree on is that these vegan sweet potato bites have certainly earned their bravado. The powerhouse nutrients & antioxidants in these treats are known to help promote healthy skin & coat, gut health, eye function and digestion. While we have all the seals, certifications, and promises as the other guys, what truly makes our Sweet Potato Bites different is this: our proprietary dehydration process preserves the nutritional value, vibrant orange color and organic smell of our treats making our sweet potatoes closer to nature than the other brands with nothing added, nothing removed & as nutrient dense as physically possible.

That’s what makes us better.
That’s what makes us Natural Rapport.

INGREDIENT: Sweet Potato

Customer Reviews

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Jenna Heiar

These are a little hard so I worry about my pups teeth but she still likes them and I like knowing it’s a healthy treat she’s having after she’s had lots of others :)

Thank you for sharing your experience and for being a NattyRap customer! ❤️ We completely understand that our Sweet Potato Bites may be too hard for certain dogs to enjoy, but we assure you that they are safe and not a hazard. We are actually in the process of adjusting our cooking process to formulate softer sweet potato bites that will be easier for dogs of all ages and sizes to enjoy. Feel free to shoot a message if you need any further assistance on this!

Alondra Sanchez
My dog's favorite

I always look for the most natural options for my puppy and he absolutely loves these. Highly reccommend

Sage Benton
So good!

I was hoping my dog would like these as much as I love sweet potato, and he does! Highly recommend

Alondra B
Only treats I feed my pup

My 9 year old schnauzer has tried so many sweet potato treats before, but I've never seen him jump for one like he does for these. Buy them!!

Braedon Cruz
Love these treats

five stars