The Only Dehydrated Beef Heart Jerky Dogs Need

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Who says you can't buy love? Our Dehydrated Beef Heart Jerky is a protein-packed powerhouse that proves the path to your pup's heart is paved with crunchy goodness! While we have all the seals, certifications, and promises as the other guys, what truly makes our Beef Heart Jerky different is this: we use real, large slices of beef heart and dehydrate them at their peak nutritional moment making them the perfect, healthy, nutrient dense treat for your pup. Opting for premium beef heart for your pup not only guarantees top-quality muscle-building proteins, ensuring stamina and endurance, but also contributes to their overall health and vitality. So your pup can go ahead and eat his heart out!

That’s what makes us better.
That’s what makes us Natural Rapport.


Customer Reviews

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Jillian Joan

The Only Dehydrated Beef Heart Jerky Dogs Need

My pups' favorite treat, hands down!

I highly recommend this product. My dogs love it and its healthy for them. Beef heart is their #1 favorite treat. Natural Rapport is a high quality brand of beef heart and reasonably priced, especially when they have a sale or discount code.

Dogs Love it!

Dogs love all the products they have tried so far! 😊

Lauren Laforge
Good stuff

Made in USA! Thats important. One ingredient beef heart. Thats good. My dog loves these. I break them up for her into smaller pieces.
Totally recommend as do I all their other treats. Chicken jerky, freeze dried beef liver and freeze dried chicken liver. Whole ingredients that my dog loves and she's a picky eater.

Cathleen G
A Furry Family Favorite!

These are a SPECIAL treat for the dogs and they LOVE them. It took them a minutie to adjust to the crunchier texture but i could see from their reaction it was an absolute home run!