Dog Days of Summer: 5 NattyRap Summer Essentials

Summer is in full swing, and it's time to make the most of the sunny days and warm weather with your four-legged child. At Natural Rapport, we understand the importance of keeping your dog happy, healthy, and comfortable during this season of fun and adventure. In this blog post, we will highlight 5 essential NattyRap products to ensure you and your dog have a summer you’ll never forget! 


Paw & Nose Balm for dogs hydrates and protects your dog's paw pads for summer adventures.

Paw & Nose Balm: Protect & Hydrate

Whether you’re dealing with hot pavement or seeking new adventures, the longer days of summer can take a toll on your dogs’ sensitive paws and delicate nose. Our Paw & Nose Balm is the perfect solution to help keep their skin hydrated and protected, and works to both prevent and rescue chapped skin using the power of plants. The balm acts as a protective barrier for your dog, shielding their skin from the harsh elements and preventing it from becoming dry, cracked, or irritated. By applying it regularly, you can ensure your dog’s paws and snoot stay soft, supple, and healthy for all of your outdoor activities. We know there are other paw balm brands out there, but what truly makes our Paw & Nose Balm different is our soothing mixture of of shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and safflower and jojoba seed oil, which is fragrance-free, safe-to-lick, non-toxic, and contains no nasties we wouldn’t use ourselves!


Ear Wipes are a Summer Essential for adventures with your dog

Ear Cleaner: Prevent Infections & Keep Ears Clean

Using ear cleaning products for your dog during the summer is a proactive measure that helps to promote their overall well-being and comfort. The warmer months often mean more outdoor activities, which can expose your dog’s ears to dirt, moisture, and potential infections. Regular swimming or playtime in the grass can lead to a buildup of debris and bacteria in their ear canals, increasing the risk of painful ear infections. By incorporating our ear cleaning products into your summer grooming routine, you can gently and effectively remove dirt and excess moisture, reducing the likelihood of infections and discomfort for your dog. With its 99% natural formulation enriched with gentle coconut and palm, you can rest assured that it will keep their delicate skin irritation-free.


Dog Chews from Natural Rapport make the perfect lasting entertainment for lazy days around the house or while on the go.

Dog Chews: For Lasting Entertainment

Whether on a camping trip or spending a super hot day indoors, chews are a great addition to your dog’s summer essential list. When outdoor adventures are limited due to inclement weather, or for when you're spending quality time around the campfire, dog chews ensure your pup stays entertained and mentally stimulated. Our selection of chews includes beef tendons, beef tracheas, and sweet potato, all of which offer a delightful and engaging experience for your dog, turning those lazy afternoons into moments of excitement. Not only do they provide your pup chewing pleasure, but they also help promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup.


Between Bath Spray is great for extending time between baths, especially for those pond-loving, dirt-rolling pups.

Between Bath Spray: Freshen Up Anywhere, Anytime

Our Between Bath Spray for dogs is an indispensable summer essential that will keep your pup looking fresh and smelling clean. With the increased outdoor activities, beach visits, and adventurous romps, dogs tend to get a little dirtier than usual. That's where our between bath spray comes to the rescue! Our Bath Spray is a 3-in-1 that helps to deodorize, moisture, and condition your pet’s coat, helping to neutralize odors and extend time between regular baths. Available in Amber & Sandalwood, Floral & Coconut, Cranberry & Vanilla, and Spiced Apple & Pumpkin, the light and pleasant scents will leave your pup smelling cuddle-friendly. Embrace the ease and effectiveness of our Between Bath Spray, ensuring your dog stays fresh and ready for all the exciting adventures this season has to offer! 
Multivitamin Soft Chew Supplements for dogs help to keep them fueled for all of your summer adventures.

Multivitamin Soft Chews: Fueling Summer Adventures

Our Multivitamin Soft Chew supplements are a fantastic way to keep your pup fueled and ready for those big summer adventures. As they explore new places, splash in the water, and roam under the sun, their bodies require essential nutrients to stay strong and energized. That’s where our Multivitamin Soft Chews come in. They are packed with a unique mix of essential vitamins & minerals paired with a proprietary probiotic blend to help support immunity, skin & coat health, energy, hip & joint function, digestion, heart function, and brain health! From boosting their immune system to supporting joint health and promoting a lustrous coat, these multivitamin treats offer a comprehensive solution to keep your dog feeling their best throughout the sunny season. Add this soft chew supplement to their daily routine so they can be ready to embrace all the wonders that summer has to offer.

As you embark on memorable summer adventures with your four-legged best friend, don’t miss out on these NattyRap essentials to help you in your summer of fun! From protecting their paws to maintaining clean ears and providing tasty, long-lasting treats, we have everything you need to make this season unforgettable for you and your dog. Enjoy the dog days of summer to the fullest, and use code SUMMER15 to get 15% off your next order!*

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