Puppy Starter Pack

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All cuteness aside, those early days with a new puppy can be hectic and even a bit stressful - but we've got you covered with the essentials. Our Puppy Starter Pack has everything you need from the moment you bring your pup home and want to freshen them up, to teaching them new tricks with the perfect bite sized treats, to cleaning up those inevitable accidents. Plus our anti-chew spray to protect your furniture and single ingredient chews to help keep those puppy teeth occupied! 

All grooming products are plant-based, all treats and chews are single ingredient, and every product is made in the USA. 

Bundle Includes:

16 oz bottle of Dog Shampoo

4 oz bag of Freeze Dried Beef Liver

8 oz bottle of Between Bath Spray (choice of male or female scent)

3 count bag of Beef Trachea Chews

8 oz bottle of Bitter Anti-Chew Spray

32 oz bottle of Pet Stain & Odor Remover